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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Into The Game gets thumbs-up from
Into the Game, the online video game rental site, appears to be making some good impressions on gamers. I was doing my normal useless web surfing when I stumbled across a personal experience review of by Matt Paprocki of Matt basically tells of his displeasure with's service and how he has recently discovered Into The Game, which so far, has pleased his gaming palates. He was particulary satisfied with their competitive prices, large amount of video game titles, quick customer service, enourmous console support, and fast turnaround times.

Matt, pretty much, had the same great things to say about that we did. It's pretty clear that our top five rating was justified -- especially since we know we're not the only ones who feels Into The Game is one of the best video game rental sites on the Net.

If you would like to read Matt's full review visit this site:

If you would like to add an experience about Into The Game feel free to send it to us using our contact form or the comment link below.
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