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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rent Xbox Games Online: All you need to know

So I'm sitting here listening to The Game, right... And I figure "why not provide a guide for gamers who want to rent Xbox games online. I'll count it as my good deed for the day. I did a search for "rent xbox games" on Google and was severely disappointed with the lack of information available on the matter. So, with some good music (The Game and The Roots are in heavy rotation), a cup of H2O, and Aeropostale sweat pants, I'll try to compile the most complete resource for any guy who wishes to ignore their girlfriends for the sake of Xbox gaming any and everyone who wishes to rent Xbox games online.

First, I don't want to assume that everyone reading this knows what "video game rentals" are so allow me to explain. (If you are fairly familiar with renting video games online feel free to skip the next three paragraphs.)

What are Video Game Rentals?

In recent years a new trend has started to emerge. It began with the advent of Netflix -- the company that allows its members to rent DVD movies online and have them delivered to their home. The concept took off and Netflix is putting a world of hurt on the competition. It wasn't long before someone, with enough balls (and money), decided to apply the online movie rental concept to video games. It's not clear what company first pioneered the video game rentals industry but the current leader is, arguably, However, there are a few sites, more notably Gamerang and GPlay, that are slowly chipping away at Gamefly's dominance. We, very well, could see a new number one in the upcoming years.

Joining a Video Game Rentals Site

Now, let's breakdown how it all works. Joining a video game rentals site may seem intimidating at first, but believe me -- there's nothing to it. The first (and obvious) thing you should do is find a video game rentals site. There's a good number of them on the Internet so you'll have a lot to choose from. I recommend reading the reviews on this website to get an idea of what to look for in a site that rents video games online. Most companies offer something that separates itself from the rest of the pack. Some companies have distribution centers on the East Coast which means faster game arrivals for members living in New York... While others offer Nintendo DS games which might appeal more to those who own handheld platforms. Bottom line: There's something for everyone.

Completing the Process

Now, once you find a site, you can begin the signup process. Majority of the video game rental sites provide free trial periods that can be used to "test drive" a service before you fully commit to one. After you join, browse through the catalog of games to find which ones you would like to play. Add these games to your rental "queue." This is nothing more than a list of the games that you would like to receive. It's a good idea to keep your queue filled with at least twelve to fifteen games. This is necessary because every game you add to your list won't be in stock so, to prevent long wait periods, it's good to have your queue filled to the brim. Now you just sit back and relax. The games arrive in the mail, you play them, then send them back using the postage-paid envelope that came with the video games... Simple as that!

The Best Sites that Rent Xbox Games

It's safe to say that every video game rentals site will rent Xbox games. I have yet to come across one that didn't offer them -- it would be highly stupid not to. So, the only issue is really about finding a site that carries a good number of Xbox titles -- titles that you actually want to play. (Who cares if a site has fourty copies of Super Shrek Party and only six of Halo 2!?!) So, with that said I present to you the best websites for renting Xbox games.

Video Game Rental Site //

First up to bat is Gamefly. This is the granddaddy of the video game rental industry so it's no surprise that they are the best choice for Xbox gamers. I've been going around the Internet, visiting forums and what not, looking for what Xbox gamers had to say about Gamefly and by the looks of things they love it. They had some pretty good things to say about the service on the forums.

If you would like to know more about this video game rental service I encourage you to read the full Gamefly review on this website. It'll give you a good idea of what Gamefly is about. I should also mention that there is an entire Xbox section on Gamefly dedicated to the Microsoft console. There, you'll be able to view the most popular Xbox games, browse the latest titles, and buy games at discount prices.

Video Game Rental Site //

Coming in at a close second, is One of the best features about Gamerang is their quick turnaround times. They achieve this by operating four distribution centers -- more than any other video game rental site today. This means that more than 50 % of their members will get their Xbox (or PS2, GameCube, whatever) games the very next day. In this aspect, Gamerang blows the competition away. They may not have the market penetration (uh huh, I said "penetration") that Gamefly has but who can argue with next day delivery. You'd have to live in Sweet Corn, Mississippi to experience long wait times with Gamerang.

And we're not the only ones singing Gamerang's praises., a very popular publication, gave Gamerang the second highest rating in their video game rental service review. So, if getting your Xbox games in a timely manner is important to you then is a no-brainer.

More Xbox Rental Sites

It's no secret that I think Gamefly and Gamerang are the best when it comes to offering the best for gamers who want to rent Xbox games. However, there are a few more sites that you, or any other Xbox gamer, may want to visit. These sites are:, GameLender, and You can find comprehensive reviews of these services, plus many more, on this website. Reading them will tell you everything you need to know about each one.

The End

Well, that's all the info I have (at least for now). Hopefully, I've answered any questions you might've had about renting Xbox games online. However, since no one is perfect -- except for Jesus Christ (who rocks by the way) -- I might have failed to answer a question or two. If this is the case, and you can't find the answer in the Reviews section, just contact us at The Video Game Rentals Guide and send us your question. Well, answer it as soon as we finish eating (we like to eat a lot here) or sleeping (we like that too). With that said, have a great day and happy renting.

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