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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Game Rentals Graveyard

It's amazing how many video game rental sites eventually bite the dust. I recently visited a blog called Capn Design that had brief reviews of some video game rental sites.

However, I noticed that almost half of them had either folded or merged with another company. Keep in mind that this review was done only two years ago.

Some of the sites in the game rental graveyard are Spunel (which I heard had an excellent service), Boomerang Games, Angel Gamer, Tigger Fingers, and the list goes on and on.

What happened that caused all of these game rental battleships to sink? I'm a little surprised that there weren't more mergers and acquisitions going on.

From what I know so far, acquired and GoVoJo became GPlay, but that's about it. Everyone else just seemed to wither away. I'm quite curious to find out what happened during this time.

If anyone knows, or at least has an idea, as to what went down with the video game rental sites feel free to let us know.

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