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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Gamefly: Explaining the service

The video game rental industry is fairly new. With that said, there will be a lot of new sites popping up that many people won't be familiar with. This will lead to a lot of questions. Because of this, I've decided to break down the most popular service of them all --

I will try my best to put this guide/post/essay/whatever, into an easy-to-understand, straight-to-the-point format. However, if anything is unclear, or if I failed to address a concern you have, feel free to contact me and I'll address the situation immediately (or as soon as I wake up). Questions and comments related to video game rentals and/or Gamefly can be posted using the "comments" link found below this post. Just click the link and type your comment/questions in the popup window. That's all there is to it!

Read on to find out more about

So, just what in the heck is this Gamefly?

Think of Gamefly as Netflix for video games. If you just said "what in the heck is Netflix?" then you might want to click here. Gamefly, although not the first rentals website, has become the most popular destination for renting video games online. Their concept is quite simple, actually. Become a member, browse their catalog for games you're interested in playing, add them to your rental queue, and wait for the games in the mail. After the video games arrive just play, return, and repeat.

Better than BlockBuster?

With Gamefly, gamers can get the games that they want without having to visit the local video store everytime. And everyone knows, most of the time, the video game you wanted to rent isn't in stock anyway so you settle for some second-rate garbage like Bible Adventures (probably for nostalgic purposes). Plus, it makes much more financial sense to rent video games online from Gamefly than from a local store like BlockBuster.

Unlimited Rentals, No late fees

In addition, you can keep the games as long as you want. No more late fees for keeping a game out six days instead of five -- with Gamefly you could keep the game out for five months if you want to (but to do so would be terribly stupid).

Heard enough? Join Gamefly and sign up for their Free Trial now.

Gamefly's "Keep It" feature lets you try before you buy

And, in addition to unlimited rentals, Gamefly also provides members with a "Keep It" feature. This comes in handy if you rent a game that you decide to hold on to. And best of all, Gamefly will give it to you for their low, pre-played price. Once you let them know that you would like to keep a game by clicking on the "Keep It" link, Gamefly will send you the game's cover box, manual, and everything thing else it came with. This feature is an excellent way to try a game before you commit to buying it.

Ready to try out the "Keep It" feature? Start your free trial today.

Can I buy cheap games if I'm not a member?

Gamefly, in addition to their "Keep It" feature, also offers a similar "Buy It" feature. However, this option is available to members and non-members alike. And just like the "Keep It" feature, Gamefly also offers these video games at low, pre-played prices.

Get pre-played PS2, Xbox & GameCube games for sale at GameFly.

What's this "GameQ" stuff about?

Every video game rentals site has a queue where members keep a list of the games they'd like to rent. Gamefly calls this list their "GameQ." Adding video games to this list is simple -- even George Bush could do it. Just search through Gamefly's catalog of games and find the ones you want to play, then click the "Rent It" button. The game will now be added to your GameQ. From your GameQ, you'll be able to change the priority of each title in your list. The higher the priority, the higher your chances of getting the game sooner.

And here's a bit of advice... Gamefly let's you keep up to 50 games in the GameQ. Take advantage of this! Not every game you add to your list will be immediately available so keep a lot of games in your list. This way, if something you want isn't ready to be shipped, Gamefly will still have a decent amount of titles to send you from your list.

How many video games can I rent with Gamefly?

Gamefly caters to everyone from the occasion player to the serious gamer (who has trouble in relationships because they pay more attention to their PS2 than their significant other). For those in-between, GameFly offers their standard 2-Game Plan.

This option lets members rent out two games at a time. As with every other plan, there are no late fees, no due dates, and no shipping charges. If two games doesn't fit the bill then you can also choose between their 1-Game Plan or their 3-Game Plan.

So what's next?

The only thing left to do is join GameFly and sign up for their 10-day free trial period.

You can get even more information about Gamefly's service is by reading our Gamefly review. And if you still have questions feel free to use the form on our contact page to reach us.

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