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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gamefly making some good impressions

The guys at must know what they're doing. I've been jumping from one forum to the next to see what gamers are saying about GameFly's video game rentals service. Here's what some of the guys over on the Rotten Tomatoes Forum had to say...

Jack_bauer: "...I have heard nothing but good things about the site."

InnerCorey: "Out of all of Netflix-type videogame rental businesses Gamefly is most reputable."

Bethica: "They must be doing ok.. ive seen like 5 commercials on tv."

That last quote made me laugh. I guess business longevity is directly related to television exposure. Also, if you are a Netflix fan -- or just a movie lover -- shoot over to Their website will give you a heads-up on what movies are a must-see and which ones are a must-leave. If you want more info about video game rentals check out the GameFly review.

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