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Monday, May 30, 2005

UK video game rentals from

Hello to all of the UK gamers here. I, being the nice guy that I am, decided to look for some UK video game rental sites that you all might want to know about. I stumbled across one at based out of Nottingham.

Everything about the site seems normal for video game rental sites, except for one thing... They only rent PS2 games. I've never come across a site that exclusively rented games for one particular console.

Besides that minor detail everything else looks fine. Their free trial offer runs for three days and they have two levels of membership. The one game plan goes for 10 pounds and the two game plan goes for 15. promises to have every new PlayStation 2 title available. As for the site design, it's okay and gets the job done but it's nothing to write home about. However, I did feel extremely patriotic after leaving the site -- it's filled with red, white, and blue.

If I get enough feedback on this one I might consider doing a full review of their service. If you're a gamer from the UK who has tried (or is planning on trying) their service, be sure to contact me to let me know how your experience with them was.

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