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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Video game rentals site puts cash in your pockets

Every video gamer feels a sharp pain when we turn in a video game, that cost 50$, for a measly 5 bucks -- and that's if we're lucky. Well, there's a video game rentals site that puts an interesting spin on trading in video games.

The site I'm speaking of is called Since 2001 they've been putting smiles on the faces of gamers who decide to send their old video games to them. Here's how the concept works. You sign up at just like you would at any other online video game rentals site.

You can then send in two or more of your dust-collecting video games. Everytime someone rents a video game you tuned in you earn money which they refer to as GetDollars. You can use the money for GetAnyGame purchases or wait a month and get the cold, hard cash.

It's a wonderful concept that allows gamers to put those old games to use. It beats the heck out of letting them sit in the back of the closet. For more info visit the FAQ.

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