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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

GameFly taking too long?

If you've read this blog on more than one occasion you will clearly see that I am a huge fan of However, this video game rentals site is not without it's faults. Seeing as how they only have one distribution center -- that's on the East Coast -- gamers in other parts of the country might have to wait a little longer than desired to receive their game.

Until bites the bullet and opens up another distribution center, this will continue to plague them. I hear and read about the good things people have to say about GameFly all the time. But it never fails... Whenever someone has a negative comment about them it always goes back to their turnaround times.

So, I've decided to let you every know that they're other options for renting video games online. If you've read throug some of the reviews on this site then you probably know this. But there are still some who only read the blog so this post is really for them.

Okay guys... If you've decided to jump ship and swith to another video game rentals service then let me recommend The best feature about their service is the fact that they have some of the lowest turnaround times in the industry. They beat the pants off all their competitors in this category.

Gamerang operates five rental centers: California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New Jersey, and a brand spanking new one in Pennsylvania. They have plans to open up two new ones within the year in Washington State and North Cakalak (North Carolina for the slang deficient). This means that over 70% of Gamerang's members will be within next-day delivery by the end of '05.

GameFly might have the national spotlight but is a close second. I wouldn't count them out just yet. Since the video game rentals industry is fairly new, anything can happen within the next few years. If you're ready for me to shut up, you can visit or read our full Gamerang review to get a complete rundown of the site.

Other sites worth mentioning are and RentZero, both which ship from Texas, and is located in Long Island, NY.

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Hey there. Thanks for the service man. You make this rental stuff so much easier.

I didn't even know about gamerang until i found this site by mistake. i was actually looking to see if gamefly had psp "flicks"

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