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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

GameRiot Tour Rolls Through Cincinnati

The largest video game tour in the country makes a stop in Cincinnati's King Island amusement park. The - MTV2 Presents NesQuik GameRiot, Powered by Xbox (try saying that five times fast) - will be in Ohio from 6/15/2005 to 6/19/2005. If you're a GameFly member make sure you're in attendance.

GameRiot will give you the chance to beat the professional video gamer, Matthew "Zyos" Leto in a game of Halo 2. Take him down and you'll get $100 and a contract with Major League Gaming. (Who said sitting on the couch never amounted to anything?) And here's the sweet part: If you score three kills against the "Zyos" you'll win a 6-month free subscription to GameFly where you can enjoy the bliss of unlimited video game rentals. Not too shabby!

The next GameRiot tour stop will be in Hartford, CT at the Webster Theater, June 21. I'm just curious... Has anyone attended this tour yet? These things always seem to skip Birmingham. Heck, the tour barely stops in the South.

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