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Thursday, June 02, 2005

More quotes from GameFly members

You might remember a while back that I posted some quotes from GameFly members that I found on message boards. I came across a few more that I wanted to share. These quotes are pretty old but it's the thought that counts.

These posts are from the forum. This site is a great resource for Xbox (including the Xbox 360) information. The forum is pretty active so you might want to drop in for some conversation if you're a fan of the Xbox console. There's also a post about renting Xbox games online on this site you might want to check out.

Without further ado, here are the infamous quotes:

"I have tried Gamefly... These services are awesome with zero late fees and you can get the newest games right when they come out."

"Ive used gamefly for awhile now and Im very happy with them. So much better then blockbuster in so many ways. Ive even bought a couple games off them at great prices."

"I used Gamefly for a few months and it was a very good service. After a while though I was just not playing enough games to justify 22$ a month. I may join again later in the year (around the hollidays) when I have more time to play games. It was nice to be able to try out all the new games and its definatly better than Blockbuster. If you rent more than 3 games a month you should definatly check it out."

"I just started my GameFly membership and it's great. They sent my first two rentals on Thursday, I got them Saturday. The discs came clean (more than I can say for Blockbuster) and their instructions page made it easy to jump in and play. I looked at some of the other sites, but Gamefly was the only one I found that offered the keep it at a used price option."

"GameFly is the best service. Since it's based here in the L.A. area I get my games in 1 day. They get all the new games, and have them in stock most of the time."

"I have been using Gamefly for the last 7 months. Its a great service..."

I probably need to start finding some Gamerang quotes before I get accused of favortism. =)

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Here's a quote for you. GAMEFLY SUCKS! Ha, just kidding. I've been using them for months and i couldn't be happier.

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