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Friday, June 03, 2005

New arrivals at GameFly

GameFly has introduced some new video game arrivals for June. This month's first game for the PS2 is Digimon World 4.

Yeah, ummm... I won't be renting this game anytime soon but some of you might have kids that you would like to rent this for. Personally, I wouldn't want something like this near my house. And judging from the member ratings, no one else does. As of now, Digimon World 4 is sitting at a spectacular rating of -- 5.8. Hmmm, I wonder why. Let's take a look at the game description for some clues:
Access to the Real World has been closed and it is up to the Digital Security Guard to restore order back to the Digital World! The Digimon are back for more digital adventures in Digimon World 4! Play as your favorite Digimon from the hit TV animation show using a new real-time battle system. Unlock Digivolved Digimon as you master your Digimon skills and techniques. Play single-player mode or play with up to four players in multiplayer mode.
That explains it... It's lame! If anyone has some uplifting comments they'd like to share about this game, feel free to leave them using the comments link below. Moving on...

GameFly also received a pair of games for the Xbox, one of them being, what else... Digimon World 4. The second title is Advent Rising. Unlike its release-date counterpart, this game shows some promise. The game has recieved 28 votes from GameFly members for an average of 9.0. Not too shabby. I might actually be tempted to play this game. Has anyone played this title yet?

Listening to: Memphis Bleek - "Alright" (A 9th Wonder classic)

I don't even know why GameFly added Digimon 4. What a waste! I feel sorry for the four people who rented it.

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