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Friday, June 10, 2005

New GameFly releases

GameFly has added some new video games to their collection that you might be interested in -- and some you might not be. The PS2 archives grew by two games with the addition of Samurai Western and Medal of Honor: European Assault. Both games have managed to recieve member ratings of 7.8.

The Xbox console also saw Medal of Honor: European Assault added to its list of games. It recieved a rating of 8.7 from 18 different members. Apparently, the experience with this game is better on the Xbox as opposed to the PS2. Mayhem and descruction finds its way to GameFly with the newly released, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. With 174 members giving GTA a 9.3, it's safe to say this video game rental is popular among GameFly's subscribers.

The GameCube's rental list grew by one with their console version of Medal of Honor. The game is showing strong numbers of the GC with a member rating of 9.8 out of 4 votes.

The Nintendo DS and Sony PSP did not see any new games added to GameFly.

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