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Sunday, June 12, 2005

New GameFly shipping centers?

Lately, I've been visiting some message boards to read up on the latest buzz on video game rental sites. Yeah, it's the hardest part about my job but someone's gotta do it. Anyway... Every forum that I visited had one thing in common -- compaints about GameFly's turnaround times.

GameFly continues to operate and ship from one distribution center -- and it's in LA. If you're a GameFly subscriber in Miami, good luck getting your games before Christmas. Now, there are tips that can expedite shipping times, such as keeping your rental queue stocked, but the turnaround times are still too high in the eyes of many gamers.

Most DVD rental services operate tens of distribution centers. Netflix, I believe, is over 40. Even GameFly's nearest competitor, Gamerang, operates five. GameFly has a safe stronghold in the video game rentals industry, but how long will it last with only one distribution operation? So, the question remains... When will GameFly add more shipping locations?

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