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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Share your experiences

I do a lot of posting on this blog... What can I say -- I can talk a lot at times. However, this time I figured I'd invite you all to talk a bit. I would like to know how your GameFly experience has been so far. Love it? Hate it? Jury still out?

Either way, I want you to share your stories with us. Your comments might be helpful to a gamer who is considering joining -- or *gasp* leaving -- GameFly. Alright you GameFly Groupies... Let the commenting begin.

3 words: GameFly is GREAT!

I never rented from GameFly but I did buy some fantastic video games from them. I felt the prices were great and shipping was okay too.

i don't use gamefly anymore... the service wasn't horrible it's just that i stay on the east coast in georgia. it took forever to get games to me... being in the country didn't help.

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