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Monday, June 13, 2005

Video Game Rentals Not Popular?

I was reading an article about how online DVD rentals are changing the face of the rental industry. The article mentioned the merger of Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video which was attributed to their interest and focus on video gamers.

As a result, stores that are solely dedicated to renting video games have sprung up -- one being the BlockBuster ran' Game Rush,' and the other Hollywood Video's 'Game Crazy.' It was implied that these game-only stores are around because "Internet video game rental is just not that popular." Do you think this is an accurate statement or not?

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I currently rent from althought the games take forever to arrive, I still enjoy getting the game Im after and not having to wait.

I think that game only rental stores would definately out do online rentals - if, they could have the same selection.

I think that online video game rentals are still in its infancy stage. Given a little time to grow I think that online game rentals sites could replace brick and mortar stores in some rural areas.

Titus you say that it takes forever for you to get your games from Gamefly, try Both my cousin and I are using it and we could'nt be happier. (I am on the west coast, but he is in North Carolina and he thinks that the turnaround time is fantastic)

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