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This blog will cover everything about video game rental services from promotional offers to tips that'll get you the most out of your online renting experience. So, be sure to check back often.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Our GameFly review rocks!

Apparently, our GameFly review has been helping out a few folks. I got a wonderful surprise when a gamer contacted me to inform me that he appreciated the review. I'm just glad that someone was able to benefit from the work that goes into making a great service.

Yeah, it's good to get money -- wait -- it's "great" to get money, but when someone recognizes your work it does something to you... Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yeah, I know I'm being a puss, but hey, I'm allowed one puss moment a month.

If you're thinking about joining GameFly then I encourage you to take a look at the GameFly review. Word on the street is that the review rocks. If anyone esle has read the review and would like to comment on it please feel free to do so.

Listening to: ESPN (while my roommate wastes power by keeping the TV on while he sleeps.)

Yeah, your review was very helpful. I found it to be a lot more useful than many of the other reviews out there. Some websites don't even have information. Just a bunch of Gamefly ads.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Share your experiences

I do a lot of posting on this blog... What can I say -- I can talk a lot at times. However, this time I figured I'd invite you all to talk a bit. I would like to know how your GameFly experience has been so far. Love it? Hate it? Jury still out?

Either way, I want you to share your stories with us. Your comments might be helpful to a gamer who is considering joining -- or *gasp* leaving -- GameFly. Alright you GameFly Groupies... Let the commenting begin.

3 words: GameFly is GREAT!

I never rented from GameFly but I did buy some fantastic video games from them. I felt the prices were great and shipping was okay too.

i don't use gamefly anymore... the service wasn't horrible it's just that i stay on the east coast in georgia. it took forever to get games to me... being in the country didn't help.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

New arrivals at GameFly

GameFly has introduced some new video game arrivals for June. This month's first game for the PS2 is Digimon World 4.

Yeah, ummm... I won't be renting this game anytime soon but some of you might have kids that you would like to rent this for. Personally, I wouldn't want something like this near my house. And judging from the member ratings, no one else does. As of now, Digimon World 4 is sitting at a spectacular rating of -- 5.8. Hmmm, I wonder why. Let's take a look at the game description for some clues:

Access to the Real World has been closed and it is up to the Digital Security Guard to restore order back to the Digital World! The Digimon are back for more digital adventures in Digimon World 4! Play as your favorite Digimon from the hit TV animation show using a new real-time battle system. Unlock Digivolved Digimon as you master your Digimon skills and techniques. Play single-player mode or play with up to four players in multiplayer mode.
That explains it... It's lame! If anyone has some uplifting comments they'd like to share about this game, feel free to leave them using the comments link below. Moving on...

GameFly also received a pair of games for the Xbox, one of them being, what else... Digimon World 4. The second title is Advent Rising. Unlike its release-date counterpart, this game shows some promise. The game has recieved 28 votes from GameFly members for an average of 9.0. Not too shabby. I might actually be tempted to play this game. Has anyone played this title yet?

Listening to: Memphis Bleek - "Alright" (A 9th Wonder classic)

I don't even know why GameFly added Digimon 4. What a waste! I feel sorry for the four people who rented it.

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Goodbye to Internet Marketing Guru, Corey Rudl

Corey Nicholas Rudl, 34, died today at the California Speedway in Fontana. Corey was widely considered to be a pioneer and innovator in the field of Internet marketing. His infomation helped me in my efforts greatly. I pray for peace and comfort in the lives of everyone affected by this tragedy. My heart goes out to you all.

-Deon D. Gordon

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

More quotes from GameFly members

You might remember a while back that I posted some quotes from GameFly members that I found on message boards. I came across a few more that I wanted to share. These quotes are pretty old but it's the thought that counts.

These posts are from the forum. This site is a great resource for Xbox (including the Xbox 360) information. The forum is pretty active so you might want to drop in for some conversation if you're a fan of the Xbox console. There's also a post about renting Xbox games online on this site you might want to check out.

Without further ado, here are the infamous quotes:

"I have tried Gamefly... These services are awesome with zero late fees and you can get the newest games right when they come out."

"Ive used gamefly for awhile now and Im very happy with them. So much better then blockbuster in so many ways. Ive even bought a couple games off them at great prices."

"I used Gamefly for a few months and it was a very good service. After a while though I was just not playing enough games to justify 22$ a month. I may join again later in the year (around the hollidays) when I have more time to play games. It was nice to be able to try out all the new games and its definatly better than Blockbuster. If you rent more than 3 games a month you should definatly check it out."

"I just started my GameFly membership and it's great. They sent my first two rentals on Thursday, I got them Saturday. The discs came clean (more than I can say for Blockbuster) and their instructions page made it easy to jump in and play. I looked at some of the other sites, but Gamefly was the only one I found that offered the keep it at a used price option."

"GameFly is the best service. Since it's based here in the L.A. area I get my games in 1 day. They get all the new games, and have them in stock most of the time."

"I have been using Gamefly for the last 7 months. Its a great service..."

I probably need to start finding some Gamerang quotes before I get accused of favortism. =)

Listening to: Kanye West - "Jesus Walks"

Here's a quote for you. GAMEFLY SUCKS! Ha, just kidding. I've been using them for months and i couldn't be happier.

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GameFly offers video game rentals and magazines

What better than playing video games? Reading about video games on the toilet, of course. Everyone gamer needs relevant reading material while dropping the kids off at the pool.

Anyway, if you didn't know, offers free magazine subscriptions to some popular publications when you sign up for their video game rentals service.

And the gaming magazines are some of the best, such as: PSM (PlayStation Magazine) or the Official Xbox Magazine. You can't go wrong with that. Getting your magazines through GameFly will eventually save you $40 bucks in subscription costs.

If you want to rent video games online AND get some sweet magazines then check out If you need to research their service a little more our GameFly review will provide you will all the information you need.

In my opinion gamefly offers better magazines than gplay... only if i read magazines. =P

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

GameFly taking too long?

If you've read this blog on more than one occasion you will clearly see that I am a huge fan of However, this video game rentals site is not without it's faults. Seeing as how they only have one distribution center -- that's on the East Coast -- gamers in other parts of the country might have to wait a little longer than desired to receive their game.

Until bites the bullet and opens up another distribution center, this will continue to plague them. I hear and read about the good things people have to say about GameFly all the time. But it never fails... Whenever someone has a negative comment about them it always goes back to their turnaround times.

So, I've decided to let you every know that they're other options for renting video games online. If you've read throug some of the reviews on this site then you probably know this. But there are still some who only read the blog so this post is really for them.

Okay guys... If you've decided to jump ship and swith to another video game rentals service then let me recommend The best feature about their service is the fact that they have some of the lowest turnaround times in the industry. They beat the pants off all their competitors in this category.

Gamerang operates five rental centers: California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New Jersey, and a brand spanking new one in Pennsylvania. They have plans to open up two new ones within the year in Washington State and North Cakalak (North Carolina for the slang deficient). This means that over 70% of Gamerang's members will be within next-day delivery by the end of '05.

GameFly might have the national spotlight but is a close second. I wouldn't count them out just yet. Since the video game rentals industry is fairly new, anything can happen within the next few years. If you're ready for me to shut up, you can visit or read our full Gamerang review to get a complete rundown of the site.

Other sites worth mentioning are and RentZero, both which ship from Texas, and is located in Long Island, NY.

Listening to: My roommate play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Hey there. Thanks for the service man. You make this rental stuff so much easier.

I didn't even know about gamerang until i found this site by mistake. i was actually looking to see if gamefly had psp "flicks"

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Here's to a wonderful June

Hello fellow gamers... I just wanted to wish everyone who stopped by a wonderful June. It's the beginning of a new month and the possibilities for positive change are endless. I'm having loads of fun expanding the site. Hopefully, we'll be able to offer some real sweet deals on hot game titles.

I hope everyone out there has the best month they possibly can. And for all you video game rental fanatics out there, I hope you all get every game listed in your queues. Have a smashing day people. Take care and God bless.

Listening to: Lauryn Hill - "The Sweetest Thing"

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gamefly making some good impressions

The guys at must know what they're doing. I've been jumping from one forum to the next to see what gamers are saying about GameFly's video game rentals service. Here's what some of the guys over on the Rotten Tomatoes Forum had to say...

Jack_bauer: "...I have heard nothing but good things about the site."

InnerCorey: "Out of all of Netflix-type videogame rental businesses Gamefly is most reputable."

Bethica: "They must be doing ok.. ive seen like 5 commercials on tv."

That last quote made me laugh. I guess business longevity is directly related to television exposure. Also, if you are a Netflix fan -- or just a movie lover -- shoot over to Their website will give you a heads-up on what movies are a must-see and which ones are a must-leave. If you want more info about video game rentals check out the GameFly review.

Listening to: Goo Goo Dolls - "Iris"

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Games On Demand wrap-up by Kim Komando

My recent Internet roaming sessions led me to an article regarding the emerging games-on-demand service. The column was written by a woman who, quite possibly, could have the coolest name in America.

Her name... Kim Komando. Everytime I say her name images of late 80s action films dance in my head. However, her superhero powers have nothing to do with stopping bullets and leaping tall buildings...

Wait a minute... I've managed to neglect the entire reason I decided to write this entry, all thanks to her heroine-esque name.

Before I digress any further, I want to highlight her article that explained the games-on-demand service. I consider it a good read for those of you out there who are considering using such services.

After you read the article, drop by her site,, and pay her a visit. Kim's a popular radio personality so apparently she's good at what she does (guys, get your minds out of the gutter). You never know fellas, you might learn a thing or two.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

UK video game rentals from

Hello to all of the UK gamers here. I, being the nice guy that I am, decided to look for some UK video game rental sites that you all might want to know about. I stumbled across one at based out of Nottingham.

Everything about the site seems normal for video game rental sites, except for one thing... They only rent PS2 games. I've never come across a site that exclusively rented games for one particular console.

Besides that minor detail everything else looks fine. Their free trial offer runs for three days and they have two levels of membership. The one game plan goes for 10 pounds and the two game plan goes for 15. promises to have every new PlayStation 2 title available. As for the site design, it's okay and gets the job done but it's nothing to write home about. However, I did feel extremely patriotic after leaving the site -- it's filled with red, white, and blue.

If I get enough feedback on this one I might consider doing a full review of their service. If you're a gamer from the UK who has tried (or is planning on trying) their service, be sure to contact me to let me know how your experience with them was.

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Pre-played GameFly games under $10

I found some pretty sweet deals on that were just too good to keep to myself. While looking through their pre-played games list I stumbled upon some nice finds -- and they're all under 10 bucks. Below, you'll see the title of the game followed by the price and the console it's corresponding console.

True Crime: Streets of LA ($7.99 / PS2), NBA Ballers ($9.99 / Xbox), True Crime: Streets of LA ($9.99 / Xbox), Tony Hawk's Underground (THUG) ($9.99 / PS2), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne ($9.99 / PS2), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne ($9.99 / Xbox).

Listening to: 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Eminem- "Don't Push Me" (50's new album is that garbage)

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Latest releases for GameFly

I was scanning through the list of newly released video games on and found some that might be worth mentioning. Beside each title, you'll find the GameFly member rating in parentheses. The new game releases below are for the PS2 and Xbox.

PS2 Releases -

Metal Slug 4 & 5 (8.7), Madagascar (7.3), Haunting Ground (7.2), Cold Winter (7.3), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (8.2)

Xbox Releases -

Madagascar (7.2), Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (7.3), Forza Motorsport (8.5)

Listening to: 4th Avenue Jones - "Move On"

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Canadian video game rentals:

There's another option for Canadian gamers who want to rent video games online called I don't understand the meaning of the name but I guess that's besides the point.. I guess their games are fun and "jiffy."

But I digress... The service is based out of Vancouver so if you're near their HQ you might want to consider giving them a try.

The site gets points by offering a 14-day free trial instead of a 10-day offer. They fall short in the number of titles they offer but 1,500 should be enough for most gamers.

JiffyGames has two video game rental plans to choose from. The 'One Thumb' plan runs for $18 bucks and their 'Two Thumbs' plan will run you $25.

If you have tried JiffyGames, or you plan on giving them a try, remember to come back and leave your feedback on their service.

Listening to: Wu-Tang - "Ice Cream"

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

GPlay's Membership Goodies

GPlay knows how to win over gamers -- give 'em free stuff. That's exactly what they have been doing for every new member that signs up for their online video game rental service.

Included with every membership is a free 12-month subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), Computer Gaming World (CGW), or Sync Magazine -- the lifestyle and technology magazine for men.

If you're a gamer who's been thinking about signing up for one of these magazines then now might be a good time to join GPlay. If you're in California, or near the West Coast, you'll be happy to know that their shipping center is in Oakland (the Bay Area).

If you're not that familiar with their service shoot over to our GPlay review to get the scoop.

Listening to: Goapele "Closer" (She's breathe of fresh air.)

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