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The Video Game Rentals Guide, at, has launched the most comprehensive website to meet the needs of gamers who desire extensive information about the leading companies that rent video games online.

(BIRMINGHAM, AL) April 19, 2004 -- With the emergence of the online video game rental industry consumers now have the opportunity to get games delivered to their house -- completely bypassing brick and mortar establishments. Several companies have been recently founded to meet the demands of this growing and competitive market. Due to the industry's infancy many questions abound in the minds of consumers regarding what they should look for and expect from these online rental services. As a direct response to this information void, The Video Game Rentals Guide, at, was founded.

The site, which launched on March 22, 2005, has sought to address the concerns of consumers by providing comprehensive reviews of the leading companies that rent video games online. In addition to offering these informative analyses, The Video Game Rentals Guide also features a frequently updated blog where visitors can read about the latest industry related news. This includes, but is not limited to, free trial offers, special promotions, new site launches, plus advice on how to get the most out of the video game rental sites.

"The same business model that has proven successful for companies such as Netflix is now being applied to the video game industry," said The Guide's founder Deon Gordon. "With this new concept comes the need for sites such as ours. Consumers now have access to unbiased information which they can use to aid them in making informed choices regarding which rental service serves them best." As the number of gamers who rent video games via the Internet continues to rise, The Guide will continue its plans to focus on being the first choice for those seeking quality reviews and relevant information. To achieve this goal more features, such as uploadable user reviews, will be incorporated into the site. This gives users a chance to voice their opinions and experiences concerning online rental sites among their peers. Efforts such as this will surely secure The Guide's place as the premier destination for video gamers who seek informative reviews on the leading video game rental sites.

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The Video Game Rentals Guide, at, was founded by Birmingham resident and Auburn University student DeOntee Gordon. In addition to providing informative reviews, The Video Game Rentals Guide delivers industry related news and tips via a frequently updated weblog. The Guide stands committed to meeting the various needs of this new and emerging gaming community. Visit for more information.

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