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GameChoice Quick Review screenshot
  • Rating:three stars
  • Free Trial: Yes (14 days)
  • Game Titles: N/A
  • Shipping Center: Long Island, New York
  • Shipping Time: East Coast (1-2 days), Central States (2-3 days), West Coast (3-5 days)
  • Game Consoles: PS2, Xbox, GameCube
  • Game Plans: 1 Game = ($14.95) / 2 Games = ($19.95) / 3 Games = ($24.95)

GameChoice is one of the many game rental sites that's low on visual appeal but big on service. I have to give it to them -- they were able to incorporate a few innovative features on their site that sets them apart from the others. A great feature to know about is their "Friend Referral" program which allows you to earn credits (basically cash) for referring members. Being located in New York is another plus for This gives members on the East Coast an alternative to the plethora of gaming sites based in California. GameChoice could've earned a better ranking but we're skeptical of sites that don't disclose how many game titles they store. But, GameChoice still prevails as a good alternative choice for New York and Northeastern residents.

Heard Enough?

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GameChoice made a decent impression among us when we tested their service. This site could serve as a great replacement to the more popular video game rental sites such as GameFly and GPlay -- which are both located in California. New York and Northeastern residents will be glad to have a service where they can get rentals before they qualify for Social Security. The prices for GameChoice are nothing to write home about but they still are lower than the more popular choices on the Internet.

The Basics:

By now, everyone should know that you don't have to pay late fees, nor do you have due dates, when you rent online. Their free trial lasts for two weeks which is a welcomed change from the norm of 10 days. Signing up with GameChoice is fairly simple... Just click the enormous "Free Trial" logo on their homepage. You then will be asked to provide some basic information. Once you are a member you can starting adding video games to your rental wishlist -- or what they call "Your GameChoice." Browse through their selections and add the games that you want to play to your queue. It's a good idea to have a dozen or so games in your queue since it's unlikely that everything you want to play will be available at that time.

Shipping Info:

As normal, shipping is free, to and from. When you rent your games, GameChoice sends you an envelope that contains the game as well as another stamped envelope for you to return the game in. The video games ship from their New York facilty so Northeastern residents can expect low turnaround -- or the amount of time it takes for you to recieve a game and to send it back to them.


As I mentioned earlier, a great job of offering their members features that sets them apart from other video game rental sites. One of our favorites is the friend referral feature. This let's you earn credits (which is the same as cash) to be used on your account. So, everytime a friend of yours signs up it's five dollars off your monthly bill.

Thumbs Up:

The designers of this site were obviously asleep during "How To Avoid Making Ugly-A** Websites 101." But we'll let them slide because of their refer-a-friend feature.

Thumbs Down:

See first sentence in "Thumbs Up!"

Who Would Benefit From This?

East Coast and Northeastern residents; and those with A LOT of friends.

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