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  • Rating:four and half stars
  • Free Trial: Yes (10 days)
  • Game Titles: 4,000+
  • Shipping Center: Los Angeles, California
  • Shipping Time: East Coast (2-3 days), West Coast (1-3 days)
  • Game Consoles: PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, DS, PSP
  • Game Plans: 1 Game = ($13.95) / 2 Games = ($21.95) / 3 Games = ($28.95)/ 4 Games = ($35.95)

It's safe to say that has a strong-arm on the video game rental industry. But they didn't get to the top by doing nothing. Users will find the website's interface very friendly and easy to navigate. They provide every little piece of information about a game that you could ask for. In addition to video game rentals, GameFly also incorporated what they call a "Keep-It" feature. It's basically a try-before-you-buy option that let's purchase the games you rent at very low, used prices. Overall, it's one of the best sites for your game renting needs.

Heard Enough?

Visit or keep reading to learn more... Full Review The creme de la creme.. The King of the Hill... The... well, you get the picture. When it comes to the video game rental industry, GameFly is sitting at top. Their service is, by far, the most impressive and popular. And judging by the way things look, they're not going anywhere. R. Kelly will open up a daycare before GameFly loses it's title as king of the industry.

The Basics:

Those who join GameFly don't have to worry about late fees or due dates. The member decides how long he or she wants to keep a game -- not the company. GameFly provides over 4,000 titles for every major console on the market today. They do a good job of keeping their virtual shelves stocked with the hottest and latest titles so it's one of the best selections available from any game rental services.

GameFly has a very simple rental queue system that they simply refer to as the "Q!". You can even change the priority of a game that you've added to the list. Say, for instance, that you added a game Monday and a second game Tuesday. You can bump the importance of the second game to increase your chances of receiving that game first, although it was added last.

Shipping Info:

GameFly takes care of the shipping both ways. You pay absolutely nothing to have the game sent to you and to return it to them. Here's how it works: When you receive you game there will be a stamped envelope inside the original package. This is what you'll put the game back in to return it. Just drop the game in a mailbox and let the handy United States government handle the rest.

GameFly now has a “fast return” method. The post office will mark your item received before Gamefly physically receives the game. The method makes the delivery time reasonable even if you are on the east coast.


Well, for starters, they give every new member a choice of twelve free magazine issues from PSM or OXM. Second, Their website provides some of the most detailed information about a particular game title. Under every game selection you'll have information ranging from game descriptions, ratings, reviews (from IGN, GameSpy, GameSpot, and GameFly members), game cheats, codes, faqs, plus a slew of other features that are sure to tickle your fancy. Heck, they even have trailors of some games that you can watch. What more could you ask for?... Besides Eva Mendes, of course!

Thumbs Up:

Pratically everything... The site design is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The enourmous amount of features that they've incorporated into the site is enough to push GameFly to the top. The “fast return” method dramatically reduces the turn-around time.

Thumbs Down:

The two high end plans (3 games and 4 games) are a little bit pricey.

Who Would Benefit From This?

Now this service is perfect for nearly everyone, thanks to the "fast return" feature. Parents can also take advantage of GameFly's parental control feature. This makes sure that the little ones can't rent mature titles. .

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