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  • Rating:four stars
  • Free Trial: No
  • Game Titles: N/A
  • Shipping Center: San Jose, California
  • Shipping Time: 2-5 days
  • Consoles: PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, DS, PSP, PSone, GB, N64, Dreamcast, SNES, NES, N-Gage
  • Game Plans: 1 Game = ($14.95) / 2 Games = ($19.95) / 3 Games = ($24.95) is a video game rental service that's big on everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING! They have one of the most unique site designs, they carry THE largest collection of video game titles at 6,500+, and they support THE most diverse array of consoles than any of their video game rental competitors. GameLender, however, is not without their faults. First, their is no free trial. An offer such as this is almost mandatory in the video game rental industry. Plus you won't get an email notification when a game is shipped or when they receive one you returned. But all in all, GameLender's unique and distinguished service still earns them high marks which many other sites can't lay claim to.

Heard Enough?

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GameLender is a video game rental site that has definitely made a name for itself. They are at the forefront in so many categories it's ridiculous. Below you will find the highlights of their service and what distinguishes them from the crowd.

The Basics:

GameLender follows the trend by eliminating late fees and due dates. It's up to the renter to decide how long they want to play the games. They also offer on of the best 5-game rental plans available on the Internet today. At $34.99, a serious gamer will find this plan hard to resist. In addition, their other plans, the two and three game option, are well below other rental sites as well.

Another highlight of GameLender's service focuses on the consoles that they support. We find it amazing that they have managed to offer games for 13 different gaming platforms including five classic consoles like the the Nintendo 64, SNES, and Sega Dreamcast. Heck, these guys even found time to offer games for the Nokia N-Gage.

Shipping Info:

Shipping is free both ways. You don't pay to have the game sent to you and you pay nothing when you return it to them. All you do is open the package your game arrived in and use the stamped envelope inside the original package to return the game. Just drop it in your mailbox and you're good to go.


GameLender's search features makes finding the games you want as easy as can be. You can browse their inventory by video game title, genre, rating, top ten, new releases, and alphabetical.

Thumbs Up:

The pricing plans offered by GameLender has us singing their praises. The two game option is priced well below the competition at $19.99. And for heavy gamers, the five game plan at $34.99 is one of the best we've seen to date.

GameLender also scores high for offering video games for over ten different gaming platforms. And not only do they support a lot of consoles, they offer tons of games to play on the console. At 6,500+ games, they are well ahead of the competition.

Thumbs Down:

GameLender might've recieved an even higher rating had it not been for the fact that there's no free trial. In our eye's there's no way a site can justify not giving visitors a way to test their service out first before committing to join.

Another thing about that pissed us off was the fact that they don't send email notifications to let members know when a game has been sent or when they recieve a game that's been returned.

Who Would Benefit From This?

Almost everyone... If free trials are critically important to you then GameLender's service might not be what you're looking you. However, if you live in the United States (especially out west), then this may be the site for you. Serious gamers will also love their five game rental plan.

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