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  • Rating:four and half stars
  • Free Trial: Yes (10 days)
  • Game Titles: 2,400+
  • Shipping Centers: California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • Shipping Time: 1-2 days
  • Game Consoles: PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, DS, PSP, PSone
  • Game Plans: 1 Game = ($14.95) / 2 Games = ($19.95) / 3 Games = ($27.90) / 4 Games = ($35.85)

After reviewing we can proudly say that we are THE biggest Gamerang groupies below the Mason-Dixon line. We were instant fans when we found out they operated five distribution centers. This means that over 50% of their members will get the games they ordered the very next day. If this site doesn't make renting video games online fun then we don't know what will. Couple the short wait times with a well organized site and you have one of the best video game rental sites on the Internet... Period! That's our story and we're sticking to it. Full Review

We have to admit... Gamerang lost us on the name. It sounds like someone was suffering from a serious lack of creativity when the came up with that one. But we promise you, one trip to their site and you'll quickly forgive them of any faux pas (SAT word) they've ever committed.

The Basics:

In accordance with every other site that rents video games online, Gamerang doesn't impose any due dates nor charge any late fees. You keep the game as long as you want to. Two days, two months, two years -- It doesn't matter.

Gamerang makes it extremely convenient to get what you're looking for. They make renting games ridiculously easy. Just browse their selection and when you see a game you would like to play just add it to your rental queue. From there you can change the priority of a game or even delete it if necessary.

Shipping Info:

Here's where Gamerang really starts to shine. Their shipping times are some of, if not THE, lowest among all other sites. Members will usually get their games the very next day. With five distribution centers covering every region in the United States, you're never more than three days away from the game you want. So far, only Gamerang has been smart enough to realize that more shipping centers means more happy members. Maybe the other sites will catch on one day.


Gamerang lets members know how long it'll take before a game they have in their rental queue is available to be shipped to them. Parents can take advantage of the ESRB controls to make sure the kids aren't renting anything inappropriate (like Barbie). And anxious gamers will appreciate Gamerang's Game Release Calendar.

Thumbs Up:

The entire site gets our nod of approval. The prices are competitive, they have five distribution centers, and the site is user-friendly. Our opposable thumbs have never been happier.

Thumbs Down:

Do we love Gamerang? Yes. Is anyone perfect? Yes... Us and Jesus. Well, okay... Just Jesus. Unfortunately Gamerang does fall short in a few areas. For one, you might have to wait a while to get the games you want due to their short supply. That's why it's a good idea to have your rental queue fully stocked. And second, no one likes getting a game without manuals or instructions.

Who Would Benefit From This?

Rural residents will be able to get their games much faster since Gamerang maintains five distribution centers that cover every region within the U.S. Even gamers who stay in Sweet Yellow Corn, Mississippi would get their games within two days. But then again, the residents of Sweet Yellow Corn probably aren't worried about getting the latest video games in the mail -- and that's assuming they know what video games are. But I digress...

Chronic gamers will like the 4-game plan for $36 bucks. That's barely $3 dollars a week for each game. Try renting four games for a month from BlockBuster and call us in a month... Because you'll be evicted by then! At any rate, Gamerang makes a strong case why it should be the premier video game rental site. And given the evidence who can argue against them?