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NumbThumb Review screenshot
  • Rating:three and half stars
  • Free Trial: Yes (14 days)
  • Game Titles: 1900+
  • Shipping Center: Austin, Texas
  • Shipping Time: 1-5 days (depending on your proximity to Texas)
  • Game Consoles: PS2, Xbox, GameCube, GBA
  • Game Plans: 1 Game = ($13.95) / 2 Games = ($21.95)

NumbThumb follows, what seems to be a video game rental site tradition, which is to provide a horrible looking site while attempting to make up for it in service. While, doesn't warrant spontaneous outbursts of the "happy-happy-joy-joy" song it does provide visitors with a reason to slow down and give it a look. One of the more positive aspects of the site is its Texas location. Members in the South-central portion of the U.S. will benefit greatly from shorter delivery times. Aside from this perk, offers up the same stuff that every other video game rental site offers. Now, we're not saying this is a bad thing, but it certainly doesn't help. Full Review

On the surface, NumbThumb appears to be your typical, poorly designed, online video game rental site. However, it would be wrong of us not to mention some of the site's top features. You never know, you might find everything you wanted from these guys...

The Basics:

First things first... You don't have to worry about late fees or due dates. That's the beauty of online video game renting... You can keep the game as long as you want. It's a perfect way to preview a game before you shell out cash to buy it. Nobody likes that feeling of spending money on a game only to find out that it fell short of every expectation you had set for it.

Also, parents will be pleased to know that NumbThumb provides a parental control feature. This helps to prevent little Timmy from renting that game of "Third World Girls Gone Wild" that he's had his eyes on.

NumbThumb also provides an easy-to-use video rental queue. Just browse through their catalogue of games and when you see a title that you're interested in, click the "Rent" button and voila! The game is now in your rental queue.

Shipping Info:

Residents of Texas and surrounding states will be happy to know that NumbThumb's games will reach them within 1-2 days. Plus, shipping is free on both ends. When you receive your games there will be another stamped envelope included which you will use to return the video games to NumbThumb.


One of the more useful features is NumbThumb's "Priority Points" system. Here's how it works: First, you add as many games to your rental queue list as you want. Now, if a title that you wanted is unavailable and NumbThumb sends you a different game instead -- essentially "skipping" your selection then you are compensated with prority points. The more points you have the better your chances are of getting the video games you want down the road.

Thumbs Up:

Priority Points system; Texas distribution center means shorter wait times for members in Texas and nearby states; No charge for losing return envelope; Rental Queue displays approximate wait times before the game you want becomes available.

Thumbs Down: has one of -- if not THE -- lowest selection of game titles at only 1,900; Clunky site design is not user-friendly.

Who Would Benefit From This?

Texas residents and those living in nearby states will benefit by having an alternative to the usual East and West Coast video game rental sites which usually mean longer shipping times.